Campvention Menus (2019 menu…)

Campvention Menus:

Friday evening (6pm – 9pm):

Chicken or Veg wraps; Both marinated in Garlic, Balsamic, and a mix of herbs. Fresh cooked, served warm, plus tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion, and garlic mayo or chili sauce

Saturday and Sunday breakfast (7am – 10am):

Egg bap (add bacon for £1); ketchup, brown sauce, or mayo available

Field Mushroom bap (vegan, marinated in garlic, mixed herbs, and cracked black

Saturday lunch (12pm – 4pm):

Burgers or Veggie burgers: served on bap with tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion and choice of sauce.

Saturday cold foods (11am – 6pm):

Ham and cheese, Tomato and cheese, Cheese and pickle, Egg mayo, (plus a few other flavour combinations) sandwiches with option for salad items added.

Saturday supper (6pm – 8pm):

Lime and Chili Chicken Fricassee or Mushroom Stroganoff: served with Pilaf Rice, tomato, salad leaves, and red onion

There will probably be some hot foods available after 8pm on Saturday and there will sandwiches and other cold snacks, but please remember that the kitchen staff will be working all day Saturday.

Yes, we have been asking for volunteers, but the core staff will be there from open to close.